Today I attended ‘Power in your pocket: the creative use of mobile technologies to enhance learning and teaching in the performing and visual arts’ at The Old Fire Station, University of Salford, Manchester. This workshop was part of Changing the Learning Landscape Professional Development Programme and through a series of presentations, activities and discussions, led by academics in the Arts disciplines, participants were introduced to new mobile learning approaches and discipline focused exemplars applied to practice.

Central to all the presentations made at this workshop was the belief that technology, used at the centre of learning can be both motivational and transformative to both teaching approaches and students learning. The key ideas I took away from the day centred on the use of technology as a means or vehicle by which learning and understanding may be deepened. Mary Oliver’s presentation introduced the call to encourage the use of mobile technologies to push inventiveness, innovation and independence. Presentations by Third Angel and Helen Keegan detailed many ways in which the use of collaboration can foster new ways of seeing and modes of presenting. Niki Woods and Dr Tracey Crossley’s practical workshop was inspiring in its use of approaches to engage students in deeper learning. The variety of practices presented and discussions with colleagues throughout the day sparked many new ideas of how a more substantial and sustainable approach to using technologies can be developed.