Developing a New Perspective on Feedback

We all use and need feedback throughout every aspect of our lives. In its various facets, feedback can alter behaviours and perceptions. Within tertiary education its role is vital to the successful learning of our students. While the focus of the article does not relate specifically to tertiary education there is much to consider from the exemplars listed. Wiggins calls us to re-examine our performance as educators within the learning environment and how we might utilise feedback more effectively as a key learning tool throughout a programme of learning. In this article, published in the September 2012 edition of ‘Educational Leadership’ (ASCD), he lists the key elements that effective feedback should include as:


Tangible & Transparent


User Friendly




As educators we need to understand not only how effective feedback should be constructed and delivered, but that opportunities by which it can be acted upon are considered in programme design.

Through this project, ‘Introducing Assessment & Feedback’, we aim to evidence such a framework of engagement. Were the role of feedback is instrumental in the learning process and indeed becomes a key teaching tool.

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