A Student View

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The impact of the National Student Survey on institutional directives, delivery of learning and the student experience is arguably as significant as it is variable across disciplines and institutions; see the THE article and readers comments for illustration. It is crucial that our students are not only introduced to the practices and customs of their discipline area in a meaningful way but that they have a positive and engaging experience within the tertiary learning environment.

It is imperative that the transition from prior learning experiences to tertiary study is recognized by  staff  as  instrumental  in  ensuring  students’ future success and retention on programmes of study. Some students find this transition challenging, the ramifications of not addressing this effectively is illustrated in module statistics and programme retention rates. Worryingly if the constructs of this new learning environment remain unclear to the student throughout their period of undergraduate study the National Student Survey can serve to clearly evidence this. It provides students with an opportunity to present back to the institution, individual teaching teams and the wider public how they feel their learning journey may have been impeded due to a lack of engagement or provision of opportunities to dispel misunderstandings.

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