L&T: World Cafe workshop

GLAD World Cafe Workshop ‘Research and the Curriculum’, at CHEAD Annual Conference, University of Brighton, March 2015.

The GLAD Committee facilitated a World Cafe workshop entitled ‘Policy, Pedagogy and Practice’ at the annual CHEAD Conference, for more info click here. We are entering unknown territory within the current Higher Education landscape. The roles and interactions between our institutions, academics and students are evolving. The demise of the homogenous student body and technological advancements has lead to the creation of learning spaces that reach beyond physical and/or time boundaries. While the impact of our pedagogic practices on the student learning experience attract ever more scrutiny, the importance of research built on collaboration, partnership and interdisciplinarity to address the complexity of issues within our global society grows ever more pressing. GLAD invited delegates to discuss a number of questions in a World Café format. These questions interrogate the future format and purpose of pedagogical research within the Higher Education Art and Design Community.

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